The data entered in the PL Bank can be automatically canceled without specific requests. Therefore, the data relating to loans and loans that are present within the credit information system are not “immortal”, but face an obsolescence that is normally between 6 months to 36 months. However, considering that the PL Bank cancellation times depend on the type of data, it is good to try to make some clarity.


How long data is stored in PL Bank

Data Storage


Having introduced the above, we try to understand how the data is stored in the PL Bank archive.

The shortest time is that of the loan in the course of the preliminary investigation: if you request a loan, the credit institution’s processing will remain for 6 months from the request date within the credit information system. Financing requests that are rejected by the bank, or renounced by the same customer, remain in the Central Risks only one month.

Again, the loans that are repaid regularly, without various delays or delays, are canceled by the PL Bank 36 months after the effective termination date of the credit relationship.

The discourse on delays is different. If the delay is included in 1 or 2 installments (monthly payments), then the negative news will remain inserted in PL Bank for 12 months from the regularization notice, but on condition that the payments are always punctual in the 12 months. If, on the other hand, the delay is between 3 or more installments (monthly payments), the negative data remain for 24 months from the regularization notice, and always on the condition that payments are always on time within 24 months.

Finally, if the loans are not reimbursed, and therefore the client of the lending institution follows serious arrears, the negative data will remain stored for 36 months from the expected extinction date, or from the date on which the credit institution sent it to PL Bank the last update.


How to delete incorrect data

Incorrect data

Of course, the above rules can be added some pragmatic indications in favor of all customers who believe that their data entered in PL Bank are incorrect (for example, because the credit institution sent them incorrectly). As far as can be deduced, the PL Bank cancellation or modification of the data from the SIC is always possible by contacting your bank or the finance company that has wrongly reported the data, or directly to PL Bank.

In this second case, PL Bank will in any case ask the bank for an express check on the correctness of the data, and the customer will therefore have to wait for a reply from the bank, and the subsequent PL Bank reply, before having a reply.


How to delete positive data

Before the ordinary cancellation times, it is however possible to request the deletion of positive data, or information on the loans that have been repaid correctly on time.

Once the request is received, PL Bank will cancel its positive data within 90 days of the request. Once the data has been deleted , the customer will receive a confirmation of the PL Bank cancellation .

However, as can be easily guessed, requesting the deletion of your data from the PL Bank may not be at all convenient, given that, by eliminating the positive data (on the correctness of the repayment of the loans previously requested) the other credit institutions will not know how good you are. In other words, the banks taking over the information will have a rather incomplete view of their situation and creditworthiness, opening up margins of difficulty with respect to that customer who wishes to be able to obtain new loans.

So let’s make a little bit of clarity:

  1. the data in PL Bank are automatically deleted on the basis of what is provided within the deontological code (between 6 and 36 months in most cases);
  2. the interested party may at any time request the cancellation of positive data that interest him, although there are doubts about the convenience to proceed in this regard;
  3. negative data CANNOT be deleted, unless it is erroneous data, perhaps due to incorrect reporting by the lender. In this case, it is possible to request the adjustment both from the credit institution and directly from PL Bank (which in any case must involve your reporting credit institution before proceeding with the elimination or variation of the data).