The authorization to use the online services made available by the Payday Loan to the tax payers takes place through the issue of a PIN code . This PIN code is released at the request of the tax payer and the ways to enable the use of the services (PIN release) are different depending on whether the applicant is:

  1. A natural person;
  2. A company, an institution or an association;
  3. An Italian citizen residing abroad.


Loan Creditors PIN request by individuals.

Loan Security

A natural person resident in the national territory must provide some of his personal data by filling in a form found on the Payday Loan’s website. This personal data can be obtained from the tax return of the previous year to that of the request. Simply put, the person requesting the PIN to qualify for the calendar year 2012 must obtain the data from the tax return for the 2010 tax year. The data are: type of income tax return that was presented the previous year (NOT presented, or Single Model or, again, Model 730), the methods of presentation and the total income subject of the declaration.

The system will carry out all the checks required by the procedure and, if the data are congruent , it will immediately release a first part of the PIN code (the first four digits) , otherwise, if the data do not coincide with those present in the database of the Payday Loan, the authorization request will be rejected. As in the case of the ATM PINs at the ATMs, if after the third attempt the request should still be rejected, then the system will definitively block the possibility of making it online and it will be necessary to appear in person at an office of the Payday Loan in order to be release the PIN code.

If, on the other hand, the system accepts the request, the person who made the request will receive a letter with the data necessary to complete the PIN code (ie the six digits remaining) and also the password to log in online .

It is emphasized that the individuals who are in possession of the National Services Card can take advantage of a simplified procedure for registering with the Payday Loan website, a procedure that does not require that data relating to the tax returns submitted over the years be provided previous.

More simply, the system will carry out the necessary checks on the National Services Card which will have to be inserted in the appropriate reader port and, if the card chip data correspond to what is stored in the Payday Loan’s database, it will release as much of the card holder as possible the complete PIN (ten digits) that the password to access the Payday Loan website.

Loan Creditors PIN request from companies, organizations and associations.

Loan Creditors

Companies and, in general, all taxpayers other than the natural person who has submitted the declaration of tax substitutes for more than twenty percipient must submit a request to obtain the PIN code through their legal representative which will have already had to obtain the qualification or the services of TK Bank, according to their own requirements.

Even in the case of companies, organizations or associations, the system, upon ascertained data, will immediately release the first part of the PIN code (also in this case the first four digits) . If the applicant does not coincide with the legal representative who appears on the tax register, the application will be rejected. The case of the three attempts is also valid in this case. As well as sending the remaining part of the PIN code also in this case it will be sent within fifteen days to the tax domicile of the Non-Physical user in possession of the Loan Creditors.

In the case of Non-Physical Persons, the password, on the other hand, will not be generated as access to online services is only possible for Individuals who will be indicated as authorized to operate on behalf of the user. Consequently the legal representative of the company / organization / association is obliged to communicate the name of the manager in charge, which he can do on the Payday Loan’s website, and will use for this purpose a special function found in the menu related to the user’s profile.


PIN request from Italian citizens residing abroad.

Italian Citizens

For Italian citizens residing abroad, the procedure is identical to that for natural persons, with the addition that they must subsequently send, or even send by fax, a copy of the request for obtaining the PIN code together with a copy of a valid identity document.